We are all horrified at the tragic loss of life, homes and livelihoods as a result of the recent fires
that consumed the town of Lahaina and other parts of Maui, Hawaii.  Our sister temple, Lahaina
Hongwanji, and its hondo, columbarium, classroom building, and minister’s residence were all
destroyed.  Many of its sangha have lost their homes.  In Buddhism, “Dana” represents the spirit
of charity and giving without expectation of reward. Buddhist Church of Lodi invites you to
express your Dana spirit by donating to the Lahaina Hongwanji in this time of great need.  BCL
will match total donations up to $2,500.  All funds collected will be given directly to the Lahaina
Hongwanji to benefit its sangha.  You may donate using the “Donate” button that can be found
on BCL’s website www.lodibuddhist.org or its Facebook page.  Alternatively, you may send a
check to BCL  made payable to BCL and marked “Maui Relief”.

Update 10/5/23
The Church will be sending $6,137.52 ($3,000 church matching amount).
Buddhist Church of Lodi

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