About Jodo Shinshu Teachings


1. Our Buddha – Amida Buddha (The Buddha of Infinite Light and Infinite Life). Sakyamuni Buddha (Historical Buddha) who taught us about Amida Buddha.

2. Buddhist Teaching – Everything is impermanent. Everything is interdependent. A Buddhist’s ultimate goal is to be liberated from suffering and become enlightened.

3. Jodo Shinshu founder – Shinran Shonin (1173- 1262) who was born in Kyoto, Japan. Jodo Shinshu’s mother temple is Hongwanji (Nishi Hongwanji) in Kyoto, Japan. The organization of this school in the USA is called Buddhist Churches of America.

4. Jodo Shinshu Teaching – “SHINJIN” (True sincere mind) is the only requirement to be born into the Pure Land and to be Buddha (to be enlightened). All of us are given “SHINJIN” (True sincere mind) by Amida Buddha. We just recite “NAMOAMIDABUTSU” with gratitude. “NAMOAMIDABUTSU” means I rely on Amida Buddha without any doubts. Amida Buddha’s primary target is a person who has greed, anger, and ignorance.


What is the name of our school Buddhism?


Jodo SHINSHU, which means in English true pure land school.


Does Jodo Shinshu Buddhism make a difference in people’s present life?


Yes, it does make a difference. Buddhism, Jodo Shinshu, teaches us that all of us received “SHINJIN” from Amida Buddha. The attainment of Shinjin has a meaning like receiving a mirror, which shows me truth and my poisons. I have many poisons. A person who attains Shinjin gains wisdom to discern that poison is poison. If I recognize the poisons, my action and behavior will necessarily change. I will be able to live with more ease and peace. I will appreciate and cherish the mirror, which shows me these poisons in my daily life.


How does Jodo Shinshu Buddhism make a difference in people’s present life?


Contemplating and reflecting upon myself through

– Listening to Buddha’s teaching.
– Reciting Namoamidabutsu.
– Chanting sutra.
– Living my life according to Buddha’s teaching.

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